Manufacturer: Neogen Europe Ltd.

Increase your efficiency and add profits with labor savings. BioLumix® delivers shorter sample preparation, automated real-time communication, fast product release and early warning of contamination. 
The BioLumix® System consists of three components: 


-    The BioLumix® modular instrument can monitor up to 32 vials simultaneously 
-    The instruments incubator can be set to any temperature between 18-65°C
-    Results are available in the same work shift
-    Up to three instruments can be stacked
-    Compact instruments save laboratory space

Disposable vials:

-    Pre-filled test vials contain ready to use growth media and indicators
-    Can be stored at room temperature
-    Limit of detection is one single viable microorganism 
-    After completion of the test the liquid culture can be used to perform further tests
-    Vials are available for a variety of tests, each with organism specific enrichment media and dyes. 


-    Windows®-based system software and user interface
-    21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
-    Audit Trail
-    Automated data archiving
-    Automated report generation including Certificate of Analysis
-    Monitor over 1,000 tests simultaneously 
-    Reading of barcodes possible
-    Easy to use, operate, and understand. 

Microbiological tests are easier, faster and cheaper.

-    Pre-filled test vials contain ready to use growth media an indicators
-    Results within hours instead of days 
-    Results are easy to interpret and are automatically forwarded to product release in real time, so that safe      products can leave the plant faster. 
-    Test can be carried out by staff with basic laboratory education and experience. 
-    Analysis of finished products, raw materials and critical control points

Easy to use:

-    Inoculate sample into Pre-filled test vials containing nutrient media and 
      indicators for total count, fungi and specific microbes. 
-    Insert the vials into the BioLumix® device. 
-    Enter the sample ID and test name into the system.

Available Assays: 
-    Total Aerobic Count
-    Coliform Bacteria
-    Enterobacteriaceae
-    Yeast & Mold Count
-    Gram Negative
-    Lactic Acid Bacteria
-    Probiotic Bacteria
-    Escherichia coli
-    Pseudomonas 
-    Staphylococcus aureus
-    Salmonella 
-    Sanitation Monitoring
-    Shelf Life Prediction
-    Microbial Limits
-    Challenge Test (PET)
-    Thermophilic Bacteria
-    Psychrotrophic Bacteria

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