AquaLab TDL

Manufacturer: Decagon Devices Inc.

Key features

Benchtop Water Activity Meter

Measure the water activity of any sample with the first water activity sensor completely unaffected by volatiles. Anyone, from a technician in the lab to an operator at the line, can measure water activity in 5 minutes or less to 0.003 aw specifications.

  • Fast - water activity readings in about 2 minutes 
  • Accurate:  ±0.003 aw
  • Accurately read any sample, including those with volatiles
  • Verifiable with independent salt standards 
  • Repeatable - different users, different locations, same result 
  • Portable - weighs just 7 pounds 
  • Easy to use - precise aw readings with minimal training 
  • Secure - offers administrative control over calibration and data

How It Works

Put a 7.5 ml product sample in a disposable cup, seal the sample chamber lid over the sample, and wait for vapor equilibrium. At equilibrium, the relative humidity of the air in the sample chamber is equal to the water activity of the sample.

Tunable Diode Laser Sensor

The TDL's sensor measures the relative humidity of the air in the sample chamber by emitting a finely-tuned infrared laser beam across the headspace above the sample. Because water vapor has strong absorption bands in the near infrared (NIR), the sensor can measure the presence of water vapor in the headspace very precisely.

Use the TDL to get lab-quality water activity measurements at the line, receiving dock, processing plant, storage facility-anywhere you need to test and verify the safety and quality of your products and ingredients.

Unaffected by Volatiles

The beam of the laser, which is less than one nanometer wide, is specific for the commonly occurring isotope of water. Other vapor molecules, even those from different isotopes of water, do not affect the reading.

Read Any Sample

The sensor is powerful enough to measure the water activity of previously impossible to measure samples, including soy sauce, ethanol, even gasoline.

Speed and Accuracy

Measure water activity of any sample in 5 minutes or less (average read time 2 minutes) with  ±0.003 aw accuracy. The AquaLab TDL is the fastest, most precise water activity meter available.

Use (Almost) Anywhere

Water activity is temperature dependent. Internal temperature control lets you set a measuring temperature between 15° and 50° and use the instrument anywhere even outside a climate-controlled facility.

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