SegFlow S3®

Automatic sampling system for bioprocesses

Manufacturer: Flownamics Analytical Instruments Inc.

The SegFlow S3 is the new generation of automated sampling and measurement data management. The user interface is graphically very catchy, contains new functions and more information about a current sampling process. The cleaning and disinfection of the flow path are arranged centrally, the sampling is automatically optimized and adapted to the sample.

  • Reliable, representative, automatic sampling 24/7
  • Monitoring of proteins, medium and cell growth
  • Cell-free or cell-containing samples from 1-8 bioreactors
  • Data management and export to DCS, PLC or PC
  • Cooled sample filling
  • Web control of system status
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  • SegFlow S3®

    The new generation of the Flownamics automated sampling system, the SegFlow S3® product line, is characterized by robust hardware, the intuitive handling of hoses with intelligent pinch valves and non-contact ultrasonic sensors. A series of LED status lights indicate the phases of sampling and the sequence of cleaning, rinsing, sampling, air, idling and the end of the process.


    The new user interface offers intuitive menus with more planning options and reagent status information. The optional Sample-Mod S3® module is used for sample pre-dilution in selectable steps up to 1:10, can automatically add reagents to the native sample and distributes the sample to up to four analysis or filling systems. The cleaning and disinfection of the flow channel takes place from the central Reagent-Mod S3® module. The cooled filling station models FlowFraction 400 or 500 fill the sample into sample vessels, e.g. 15 ml centrifuge tubes.


    Compatible analyzers:
    • Agilent® Infinity II HPLC
    • Beckman-Coulter® Vi-CELL® XR cell counter
    • Kaiser RamanRxn2 ™ multi-channel analyzer
    • Nova® Biomedical BioProfile® FLEX 2 Analyzer
    • Roche® Cedex HiRes® cell counter
    • Roche® Cedex Bio HT® BAnalyzer
    • Waters® PATROL UPLC
    • YSI® 2900/2950 analyzers

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