Single Cell Screening System

Manufacturer: Sphere Fluidics

Cyto-Mine® is a novel automated, high speed (<1 day) and high throughput-platform combining antibody discovery and cell line development based on single cell screening.

  • Screening of B cells, hybridoma cells and CHO
  • Detection of secreted proteins by FRET Assay
  • Shortened screening time of >1x10<sup>6</sup> cells/8 h
  • Sorting and dispensing into 96- and 384-well plates
  • Monoclonality assurance by imaging
  • ~30-50% time saving until first bioreactor run
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  • Cyto-Mine®

    The Cyto-Mine® is an ideal tool for biotherapeutic discovery and cell line development. The Cyto-Mine® is a high throughput, automated platform for the screening and dispensing of single cells. Cells (e.g. B cells, hybridoma or CHO) are encapsulated into picrodroplets and subsequently incubated. In the process of encapsulation, the secretion of proteins, such as monoclonal antibodies, can be quantified by a FRET Assay. An integrated imaging system further ensures single cell origin and thus monoclonality. Time consuming and error prone procedures such as limiting dilution and colony picking become redundant as the Cyto-Mine® enables high speed screening, sorting and dispensing of >1000000 cells within 8 hours. Therefore, identifying suitable clones and transfering them to bioreactors happens within hours, not weeks.

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