NanoCellect WOLF Cell Sorter gentle microfluidic cell sorting
NanoCellect WOLF Cell Sorter | microfluidic cell sorting
NanoCellect WOLF Cell Sorter by I&L Biosystems
NanoCellect WOLF® Cell Sorter by I&L Biosystems

WOLF® Cell Sorter

Gentle cell sorting based on microfluidics

Manufacturer: NanoCellect® Biomedical Inc.

The WOLF® Cell Sorter allows for gentle analysis, sorting and plating of cells based on its microfluidic technology. By using sterile, disposable fluidics, system clean-up becomes extremely fast and cross contaminations are prevented. Therefore, the WOLF® Cell Sorter is intended for use in single-cell genomics, antibody production and cell line development.

  • Compact, robust and portable format for benchtop use
  • Sterile, disposable fluidics for rapid clean-up without sample carryover
  • Two-way sorting by scattering and three emission colours
  • Low pressure system (<2 psi)
  • Easy-to-use software
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  • WOLF® Cell Sorter

    Whether you are focused on biopharma, genomics, or basic research, NanoCellect® delivers sterile, portable, intuitive solutions for gently sorting samples. The NanoCellect® WOLF® uses a patented, microfluidic-based technology with robust laser-detection and easy-to-use WOLFviewer software. This in combination with the N1 Single Cell Dispenser allows higher cell viability including the opportunity to use sorted cells for further experiments. Cell sorting made easy.

    • The small size of WOLF® makes your cell sorting flexible. It actually fits into a sterile hood.
    • Sterile cartridges containing all the microfluidics is a warranty for contamination free experiments.
    • The sample pressure of less than 2 psi makes the sorting most gentle.
    • The optional N1 Single Cell Dispenser can dispense your cells in 96- or 384-well plates.

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