Pu•MA System™ 3D

Automated 3D cell-based Assays

Manufacturer: Protein Fluidics™ Inc.

The Pu·MA system has been designed to automate assays for spheroids or organoids by maintaining the 3D cell model in a special desigend flowchip to allow automated media or reagent exchanges.

  • Automated workflow for complex assay protocols
  • Protected sample chamber to prevent cell damage
  • Automatic execution of media change, compound additions and supernatant sampling
  • Small well with low reagent volume
  • Compatible with high content imaging and plate reader systems
  • Small footprint fits on bench and incubator
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  • Pu•MA System™ 3D

    The Protein Fluidics’ Pu·MA System 3D improves your workflow to automate assays with minimal user handling. The open platform allows you to program complex protocols and increases the reproducibility of your results. The 3D model is placed in a protected Chamber with microfluidic liquid exchanges that eliminates temperature and mechanical perturbations of 3D cell models. The Pu·MA System and Flowchips use valve-less fluidic switching (VLFS) to precisely control fluid movement in the flowchip. Preloaded protocols allow easy handling of the device and execute all fluid transfers and incubation steps. The thin clear bottom of the Flowchip is compatible with imaging and standard plate reader systems (384 wells). The system can fit inside any standard cell culture incubator and maintains the 3D cell models under physiological conditions while the assay steps are in progress, which reduces stress and damage to the cells.

    • Toxicology: Toxicity testing in spheroids with in situ imaging
    • Metabolism: Pu·MA System 3D for single spheroids assays and downstream metabolomics
    • Neuroscience: Phenotypic response to sequential drug addition and analysis in neurospheroids
    • Oncology: Automated organoid assays, sequential drug additions, in situ sampling and in situ imaging

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