Steroglass WaterLab aw-meter
Steroglass WaterLab
Steroglass WaterLab
Steroglass WaterLab
Steroglass WaterLab
Steroglass WaterLab Wasseraktivitätsmessgerät
Steroglass WaterLab Messgerät zur Wasseraktivität


Dew Point Water Activity Meter

Manufacturer: Steroglass® S.r.l.

ISO standard measurement of water activity (aw value). WaterLab represents the state-of-the art in water activity meters, and today it is an essential instrument for the quality control of products and ingredients in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

  • Measurement: according to ISO 21807 and ISO 18787 + 21 CFR Part 11
  • Network connection: LIMS-compatible
  • Measuring range: 0.030 to 1.000 aw
  • Accurate: ± 0.003 aw at 25°C
  • Fast: less than 5 min. on average
  • Reproducible: ± 0.001 aw
  • Adjustable sample thermostatting: + 15°C to + 50°C
  • Selectable languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
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  • WaterLab

    Wherever it is necessary to study the shelf life of a product in order to determine its risk of microbial development and therefore its shelf life over time, WaterLab is indispensable for the quality control of products and ingredients in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. WaterLab is also the most performing instrument on the market thanks to its dew point sensor which measures the actual water activity (aw) and not related and secondary parameters. For this reason the dew point sensor is considered the reference point for these determinations.

    New calibration and control modes allow the operator to optimize times even in the case of multiple analysis of samples with very different aW values. Thanks to the introduction of innovative calculation and temperature control systems, WaterLab allows you to carry out different types of analysis: from simple determination of control to specific shelf life tests for each individual case.

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