Rapid Microbiological Method

Manufacturer: Neogen Europe Ltd.

BioLumix™ is a rapid testing system for quality control and product release analytics. It is specially adapted for use in cosmetics and food industry. Ready-to-use vials, intuitive sample handling and automated evaluation make your routine analysis easier, faster and more economic.

  • Results in hours instead of days
  • Simple operation
  • Ready-to-use vials for bacteria as well as yeasts & molds
  • Validated according to USP for food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics
  • Modular design: small footprint and easily extendable
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  • BioLumix™

    The BioLumix™ enables testing of raw materials as well as critical control points and finished products. As a result, the system can be employed in many areas of application like product release, process control, shelf life studies, challenge tests, QC/QA and hygiene monitoring.


    Versatile Use:
    The separation of incubation and reading zone makes the system equally suitable for solids, liquids, opaque and colored samples. Each BioLumix™ incubator can flexibly be loaded with up to 32 samples. The modular design allows an easy extension of the system and future-proofs you for rising sample throughput. Due to automated monitoring and evaluation, handling of the BioLumix™ can be taught easily to every operator in short time.


    Universal Sensor:
    BioLumix™ uses CO₂ as universal marker for microbial growth. The sensor zone of each vial is impenetrable for solids and liquids to eliminate matrix effects. Using long-life LEDs, the BioLumix™ monitors changes of the sensor every 6 minutes, thus providing real-time results. The higher the contamination, the sooner it will be detected, allowing faster responsive actions.


    Tests for Microbial Limits and Objectionable Organisms:
    Total Aerobic Count, Yeast and Mold, Coliforms, E. coli, Enterobacteriaceae, Gram-negative Bacteria, Pseudomonads, Staphylococci, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Salmonella spp., Microbial Limits, Cosmetics


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