Lab Paddle Blender

Manufacturer: IUL Instruments S.A.

Masticator paddle blenders enable thorough homogenization of samples while isolating them from any possible contamination. The Masticator’s high quality enduring motors ensure a safe and efficient homogenization. Food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories that seek for reliable homogenization that is cross contamination free enjoy this solution.

  • Contamination of the sample is excluded
  • For food and pharmaceuticals
  • easy to clean
  • Different models available
  • Glass front window possible with all models
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  • Masticator

    Masticator lab blenders are used in homogenizations during microbiological testing. Food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical labs like to use 400 ml Masticator blenders, these are meant to homogenize 10 to 40 g (previously diluted) samples. 400 ml bags with and without filters can be used, the former allow to ensure pipetting of debris-free homogenized liquid and are particularly recommended when homogenizations yield sample suspensions with high amounts of large-sized particles. Meanwhile, 80 ml Masticator compact models appeal to clinical and life science labs involved in small sample tissue homogenization (<10 g), and to industrial QC labs that process small weight samples (<10 g). Panoramic and Compact models allow for homogenization monitoring through windows located in their doors.



    No Sample Cross Contamination: Samples are protected of any contamination during homogenization thanks to the use of sterile disposable bags.

    Endurance: Second to none in endurance, the Masticator’s high quality spring system has proven to withstand the most challenging blending procedures. Customers benefit from a 3 year warranty for any masticator blender.

    Ease of use: Masticators require virtually no maintenance and are easily cleaned when fully removing their front door.

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