COMPACT Yeast Monitor

Online measurement of yeast cell count

Manufacturer: Aber Instruments Ltd.

All over the world, the Yeast Monitor is setting standards for a precise and reliable measurement of live yeast count in pitching and harvest. The employed radio impedance technology allows a realtime determination in yeast slurries with up to 70% solids. By integration in a PLC system, whole processes can thus be automated.

  • online measurement in realtime
  • automation of pitching process
  • precise measurement in up to 70% solids
  • complete CIPable
  • maintenance-free
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  • COMPACT Yeast Monitor

    The correct amount of yeast during pitching is an important factor in the production of qualitatively consistent beer and predictable, regular fermentations.


    The COMPACT represents the third generation of Aber Instrument’s successful Yeast Monitors. Since the introduction of the first model in 1991, breweries all over the world rely on the system for their yeast management. Even large brewery groups like AB InBev, Heineken, Suntory and Diageo were able to achieve much more consistent fermentation curves by using the Yeast Monitor.


    By creating an electric field over the membrane of the yeast cells, the Yeast Monitor creates a capacitance signal, which can easily be converted to known units like % spun solids or cells per milliliter. The Yeast Monitor only count intact and thus fermentable yeast cells.


    The probe can be installed directly in the pitching or recirculation line. The V350 touch-screen unit evaluates the measurements, enables connection to a PLC system and can store up to 20 different yeast strains. The connection can be chosen from either analogous 4-20 mA output or Profibus.


    Best processing, platinum electrodes and a stainless-steel housing guarantee a long instrument life time and simple, hygienic cleaning.

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