Automated yeast counter

Manufacturer: Aber Instruments Ltd.

The Aber Countstar can be used for rapid counting of yeast cells and viability estimation. The Countstar is simple to operate and eliminates the time consuming, tedious and potentially error prone haemocytometer operation.

  • Total cell count, alive and dead
  • Small sample volume, only 20 µl needed
  • Simple sample preparation
  • Wide cell density range ( 5x104 - 3x107 cells/ml )
  • Data comparable with traditional microscopy
  • Measuring time: faster than 20sec.
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  • Countstar

    The Aber Countstar is the first slide-based image analysis instrument for yeast cells that can be used
    with the same safe, traditional stains used in microscopy.


    The instrument uses disposable slides containing 5 sample chambers that require just 20µl for each sample.


    Using auto-focusing cell image analysis, one measurement takes less than 20 seconds with a 5 megapixel industrial colour camera to provide the cell count (total, live and dead), the viability%, cell diameter and the
    degree of aggregation.

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