Barocycler® NEP2320-45K Extreme

Sample Preparation Proteome Analysis

Manufacturer: Pressure BioSciences Inc.

The bench-top model Barocycler® NEP2320-45K EXT from Pressure Biosciences, Inc. (USA) applies its Pressure-Cycling Technology (PCT)* process for consistent and accelerated sample preparation for Proteome Analytics applications. 

Barocycler for Production: Starting in 2018, the new Barocycler® software is available in a GMP compatible configuration. Bringing the unique functionality and reasonable price of the Barocycler® to the production control process (e.g. antibody or other protein production):

  • Reproducible thermodynamic control of the enzymatic digestion process 
  • Significant saving of time, sized down from hours to minutes 
  • Real-time monitoring of pressure and temperature
  • Software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant 
  • OS-independent user-level security and user management
  • Password protection and Audit Trail
  • Data storage and export as password-protected archive or as a read-only PDF/A file
  • Automated batch report generation and printing
  • IQ/OQ is performed in one day
  • Certified external calibration equipment is available
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