Homogenizer for tissue

Manufacturer: Pressure BioSciences Inc.

The mechanic homogenizer model SHREDDER SG3 serves as a smal bench top unit for research and analytics for the  der low shear, fast homogenization of biologic tissue from human, animal, plant, algae or fungus origin.

It replaces time and work consuming manual procedures like pestling with liquid nitrogen for applications like DNA/RNA isolation, proteomic profiling, and isolation of organelles, lipids or small molecules. For this purpose several different single-use vials called PULSE TUBES are avaliable, which contain volumes of 10 – 300 mg tissue together with 200 – 700 µl buffer. The sample is pressed with rotation of a piston through the sieve plate.

Also very solid and  hard tissue, like dry rice, bones, organisms like C. elegans, insects or plant seeds can be handled with the SHREDDER using PULSE TUBES with the metal sieve plate. Special Kits fort he isolation of mitochondria out of fresh animal tissue are available, e.g. from rat muscle or lungs.
Tissue can be prepared in the SHREDDER PLUSE TUBES for the Barocycler and afterwards been high pressure cycling processed without the need to change the vial.

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