Sepragen QuantaSep 300 3000SU Single Use Chromatography System

QuantaSep® 300/ 3000SU

Single Use Chromatography System

Manufacturer: Sepragen® Corporation

QuantaSep® 300/ 3000 SU is an automated chromatography system with exchangable flow path.The flow path including a set of flow cells for the sensors is supplied pre-sterilized and eliminates the need to perform cleaning validation. There are two instrument versions available. The QuantaSep 300SU covers the flow range 10-300 ml/min, the Quantasep 3000 SU allows flow rates from 30-3,000 ml/min.

  • Single use flow-path, no cleaning validation required
  • No carry over from one product to the other possible
  • Easy to use software
  • Two models covering wide flow rate range
  • Unique air eject system
  • Compact design
  • Large selection of sensors and detectors available
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  • QuantaSep® 300/ 3000SU

    QuantaSep 300/ 3000 SU is a single use chromatography system, which allows to exchange the complete fluid path and sensor cells in a fast and simple way. The fluidic pathway with detector cells is shipped as one piece under steril conditions. There is no cleaning validation necessary. The tubing is put into the pinch valves and the detector cells are placed into the holders. The eluent / samples are delivered by two peristaltic pumps, each pump is connected to four inlets. Step-, linear gradients and isocratic elution can be performed. A pressure sensore, air bubble sensor plus vent and two flow sensors are protecting the column. Behind the column a UV-detector (254+280 nm), conductivity and pH-sensor record the data. Samples are collected based on time, volume, and UV-signalin one of 6 fraction outlets. The QuantaSep SU is ideal suited to do production campaigns under sterile conditions. The software fulfils all requirements concerning cGMP documentations. A full validation package including SAT/ FAT and IOQ can be provided.

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