Cedex Bio® Analyzer

Automated Bioprocess Analyzer

Manufacturer: Roche CustomBiotech

The Cedex Bio® is an automated analyzer for determination of substrates, metabolites and produkts in aqueous solutions like cell culture and fermentation media in a low throughput environment. For high throughput Cedex BioHT® is recommended.

  • Photometric and potentiometric measurement
  • Up to 8 samples with continous loading
  • Measurement of up to 14 parameter in parallel (2-25 µl sample/parameter)
  • Monitoring of mammalian, bacterial and yeast culture systems
  • Wide range of parameter availabe
  • High sensivity and precision
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  • Cedex Bio® Analyzer

    The Cedex Bio® Analyzer is a multi-analyzer for monitoring bioprocesses and fermentations. The wide range of measurable parameters allows the use of the Cedex Bio® to monitor the production as well as to develope and optimize growth conditions for mammalian, bacteria and yeast culture systems. The analysis of substrates, metabolites and products can be measured both photometric and potentiometric using an ion-selective electrode. With its capacity of up to 8 samples, which can be continuously loaded during operation, and up to 14  freely selectable assays per reagent disk. The Cedex Bio® is recommended for low sample throughput. Prioritizing the samples enables fast and reliable results for quick decisions during ongoing processes. The Cedex Bio® can be expanded to up to 8 reagent disks and also offers a high degree of comparability of the results within different devices of the Cedex family. A comprehensive testing panel covers common assays. In addition, there are special parameters e.g. LDH, IgG, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, GlutaMax and Total Protein available.

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