Bioreactor Vessel
Bioreactor Vessel

Bioreactor Vessel

From proliferative (2D) to functional (3D) stage

Manufacturer: CelVivo ApS

The easy to handle bioractors are equipped with an innovative chamber allowing sufficient humidification and gas exchange. This technology allows the user to run the system in a dry incubator having the benefit of a reduced risk of infections. In addition, the active diffusion favors the growth of comparably large spheroids without the formation of necrotic centers.

  • Ultra-low shear bioreactor
  • Easy handling
  • Easy opening of the chamber allows working in petri dish mode
  • Constant cell chamber volume
  • Innovative chamber - humidification and gas exchange
  • Active diffusion allows formation of large spheroids (1 mm)
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  • Bioreactor Vessel

    CelVivo´s innovative bioreactors allow the cultivation of spheroids, organoids and other aggregates in a 3D environment. The vessels contain a humidification labyrinth being suited for optimal gas exchange. Moreover, the water chamber within the vessels allows the cultivation of spheroids in a non-humidified incubator, which is tremendously reducing the risk of infection and therefore enables the cultivation for time periods of over one year.


    The easy to handle system can be opened and closed to exchange medium in a petri dish mode or via valve plugs. Multiple samplings of one vessel can be easily performed; drug testing, recovery studies and combination therapies are only some of the potential applications. The optimal construction of the vessels together with the fact that the rotation speed can be individually adjusted for each bioreactor vessel results in optimal growth conditions, closely resembling physiological requirements. Therefore, the system is perfectly suited to cultivate spheroids up to a size of 1 mm without developing necrotic centers.

    Technical data

    Volume: 10 mL
    Water chamber: ~40 mL
    Gas membrane exchange area: 13,2 cm2

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