Cedex HiRes® Analyzer

Cell culture analyzer

Manufacturer: Roche CustomBiotech

The Cedex HiRes® Analyzer is a fully automated, image-based cell analyzer providing information about cell concentration, viability, aggregates, and morphological parameters, such as cell diameter and cell compactness. The analyzer uses the well-established Trypan Blue Exclusion Method and a high resolution image scanner to analyze cells and objects.

  • Trypan blue exclusion
  • High resolution scanner technology
  • Detectable cell diameter 2 - 40 µm
  • Detectable cell density 5x10^4 - 1x10^7
  • Automated cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Conforms to GMP regulations, such as 21 CFR part 11
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  • Cedex HiRes® Analyzer

    The Cedex HiRes® Analyzer features high-resolution, scanner-based imaging that enables deeper insights into even subtile changes in your cell culture. The Cedex HiRes® Analyzer offers precise measurements and state-of-the-art automation by combining the Trypan Blue exclusion method and CCD scanner capturing high-resolution digital images across the sample in the whole flow chamber. The analyzer not only measures cell concentration and viability but also morphological parameters such as cell diameter and compactness, and provides quantitative information about cell aggregation in cell containing samples. The Cedex® Software features Live Operator for real-time optimization of the analysis algorithm, and a Cultivation Time Chart for monitoring cell growth to determine growth rates and doubling times. In combination with the CEdex Bio HT®, the Cedex HiRes® can be integrated into fully automated process systems. The HiRes® can be used in GMP-validated biopharmaceutical production processes and conforms to GMP regulations, such as 21 CFR part 11.

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