Nadia Innovate

Nadia Innovate

Optimisation platform for the Nadia Instrument

Manufacturer: Dolomite Bio

Nadia Innovate as additional platform enables the development of user-defined single cell nucleic acid analysis applications by custom control over droplet formation parameters for immediate scale-up on the Nadia Instrument.

  • Open platform: Develop new protocols and run single cell nucleic acid analysis/NGS using off the shelf / your own reagents.
  • Rapid new method development: Optimize experimental conditions on Nadia Innovate, transfer method and scale to high throughput on Nadia Instrument.
  • Total process control: User-defined: droplet size, frequency, droplet components, temperature, and cell and beads agitation speed.
  • Seeing is believing: High-speed microscope and camera for real-time droplet formation observation.
  • Intuitive/flexible PC software: In-run parameter adjustments to rapidly find optimal protocol settings.
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  • Nadia Innovate

    The Nadia Innovate is a custom method design platform for the Nadia Instrument. It is a workstation for development and validation of new applications and protocols in single cell research. By allowing users to control parameters such as droplet size, droplet frequency, temperature, agitation, timing and customizable reagents, innovation is unlocked. Validate your protocols or optimize existing protocols for your own reagents and applications. Use real-time video oberservation of droplet formation. Once validated, the protocols can run and simply scaled up on the Nadia Instrument running up to 8 chips in parallel.

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