Bioreactor with biaxial rotation for Tissue Engineering

Manufacturer: Quinxell Technologies Pte Ltd

The TisXell system provides the optimal environment for strong growth and high proliferation rates of cell cultures. The controlled environmental conditions in the biaxial bioreactor allow very good nutrient and gas supply and also trigger cellular mechanotransduction signaling pathways that stimulate tissue growth on 3D scaffolds.

  • Process types: biaxial, uniaxial and swinging
  • Swinging arm rotation: 1 - 12 rpm
  • Chamber rotation: 1 - 35 rpm
  • Cultivation chambers in sizes of  50 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml
  • Flow rates for perfusion: 3 - 500 ml/min
  • Gas exchange via “Oxygenator Column”
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  • TisXell

    The TisXell bioreactor is designed for the cultivation of tissues. The cultivation chamber allows a biaxial rotation which ensures a homogeneous mixture. The rotations of the swinging arm and of the chamber can be controlled separately which enables different process types.

    A versatile holder inside of the chamber allows the usage of a large variety of tissue and scaffold types.
    The spherical design of the chamber supports a homogeneous distribution of the cell culture media. 3D constructs will be perfused evenly and steadily. The system allows a perfusion mode with variable flow rates which guarantees the constant supply with nutrients. A media reservoir equipped with sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen is available as an optional add-on.

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