Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy

Manufacturer: Biosensing Instrument

Modular 3 channel SPR instrument

  • High sensitivity
  • Fast detection speeds
  • Innovative multi module design
  • Compatible with electrochemicals and vapours
  • Binding kinetics with small molecules
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  • BI-2500

    The BI-2500 benchtop SPR system from Biosensing Instrument offers a manual 3-channel flow mode and delivers high quality binding response for low immobilization and small molecule (<100 Da) detection. Its innovative modular design provides users with optimal flexibility to choose amongst various analysis modules for life science, electrochemistry, and biosensing in liquid and gas phase SPR applications. The 3 channel Flow injection module of the BI-2500 will not only speed up your assay development by quickly optimizing immobilization and regeneration conditions but also improve data fidelity by obtaining more repeated data sets in one injection. The EC-DualFlow™ module provides users with novel capabilities to study molecular binding processes and conformational changes of biomolecules under the influence of applied electrochemical potentials at different flow rates. Additionally, the Gas SPR module provides superior sensitivity in small molecule detection, which is critical for characterizing polymers and thin films at solid-gas interfaces. In conclusion: The BI-2500 will be the perfect partner for studying all sorts of binding kinetics and will provide you with a high sensitivity, the extra bit of flexibility regarding your applications and a broad kinetic response time.

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