Concentrating Pipette Select™

Concentrating Pipette Select™

Rapid Micro-Particle Concentrator

Manufacturer: Innovaprep

The Concentrating Pipette is an easy-to-use particle concentrator for diverse applications in microbiology. Bacteria, spores, pollen or viruses can be filtered and eluated in small volumes using the patented Wet Foam Elution™ process.

  • Rapid concentration of bio-particles
  • Volume reduction to approx. 150 µl
  • Processing of up to 100 ml / min
  • Filtertips with different pore sizes


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  • Concentrating Pipette Select™

    The Concentrating Pipette einriches particles from liquid samples and elutes them in a small volume. The particles are first collected on single-use filter tips, while the liquid is removed. Then, the filter is washed off with a small amount PBS or TRIS buffer. Owing to the Wet Foam Method, the elution is much more efficient than simple washing and thus enables collection of the sample in as little as 150 µl. Thereby, a volume reduction and cleaning of the sample is achieved, which is now ready for subsequent analysis by molecular or cultural methods.


    The achieved concentration factor (up to several hundredfold) greatly improves the dection limit of your analysis. Depending on the chosen tip, you can provess up to several liters of sample. You can choose from different filters ranging from 0.45 µm pore size down to ultrafiltration tips.


    The CP Select™ allows numerous customizations and the programming of up to 15 different protocols.

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