AppliSens DO-Sensors

Manufacturer: applikon® BIOTECHNOLOGY

The AppliSens DO sensors are specifically designed for fermentation and cell culture application and designed to withstand repeated sterilizations without failure.
The Low Drift DO sensor is based on the principle of the Clark cell and can be used in combination with any brand polarographic type of amplifier.
The combination of a small cathode with a composite membrane along with
a highly permeable reinforced silicon membrane results in:

•    No cross contamination
•    Precise calibration
•    Not sensitive to fouling
•    No need to recalibrate
•    Low and constant offset
•    Stable signal over time

The sensor is constructed using FDA approved materials, like the non-toxic solid gel electrolyte. Furthermore this sensor has an internal pressure, which reduces cross contamination. The pH sensor is designed to withstand repeated sterilization cycles without failure.
AppliSens sensors have a Long-Life code print (engraved serial number) on the
sensor head and are accompanied by a certificate (good for validation; FDA / GLP).
The electrode has a 12 mm body and a PG13.5 connector and fits into any standard sensor holder.

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