Online Biomass sensors for small scale bioreactors

Manufacturer: Aber Instruments Ltd.

ABER Instruments known and trusted for its sensors that measure live cell concentrations using capacitance technology brings you the new FUTURA pico.

Aber`s multi-use sensors have typically been placed in vessels from 1 L upwards through to large scale stainless steel vessels of over 250,000 L. With the exciting introduction of the FUTURA pico system, ABER´s sensor technology is now available in even smaller bioreactors, as used in R&D.

The patented design of the sensor itself (diameter of the sensor is just 8 mm, length is 140 mm) takes into consideration the smaller space available for measuring the live cell concentration and utilizes an innovative trapezoidal design with the four electrodes positioned to maximize the current path between the electrodes around the tip of the probe body.

This innovative design produces a very small field of measurement that can be placed close to other parts of the bioreactor.

ABER's introduction of the FUTURA pico means that bio-capacitance technology can now be introduced earlier during the scale up process, providing key live biomass data that is comparable at all stages of process development making a seamless transition from small scale to conventional bioreactor systems possible.

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