Sensor holders TracFix

Real Sanitary Retractable Sensor Holder

Manufacturer: applikon® BIOTECHNOLOGY

The retractable sensor holder TracFix is of an innovative design. It accommodates both the gel filled pH sensors and the AppliSens LowDrift Dissolved Oxygen probes. The sensors are fixed into the holder with a PG 13.5 threaded connector. The unique smart design simplifies all handling. Design and construction ensure ease of maintenance. The use of spare parts is minimized. The electrode can be withdrawn from the bioreactor during operation for cleaning, calibration or even replacement without any interruption to the process. When the electrode is retracted during a process, it can be (steam) sterilized in place (outside the vessel) before operators start with the maintenance procedures. The sensor can be (steam) sterilized in place before re-introducing the sensor into the vessel.
The TracFix is available for vessels provided with a standard DN25 side port.

- High grade finish to facilitate cleaning (C.I.P.)
- Sensor tip protected by cage
- TracFix fully self draining

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