RAM Resonance Acoustic Mixer

Manufacturer: applikon® BIOTECHNOLOGY

The RAM® bench top biological mixer utilizes ResonantAcoustic® technology that applies low-frequency, high-intensity acoustic energy to agitate microbial cultures. The RAM® is a highly-efficient orbital-shaker replacement that dramatically enhances oxygenation and bulk mixing for bacterial and fungi cultures. Combined with the patented Oxy-Pump® stopper, oxygen transfer rates up to 6-fold higher than orbital-shaken cultures can be achieved.


  • Increased oxygen transfer for aerobic cultures
  • Rapid turnover of any desired gas

Improved culture productivity

  • Take advantage of richer media formulations
  • 2-6 fold increase in plateau biomass levels
  • Up to 10-fold increase in product expression
  • Up to 6-fold increase in OTR


  • Accommodates range of flask sizes (250ml -1000ml)
  • Use existing shake flask inventories
  • Autoclavable stopper with replaceable filter

Mixing enhancement

  • Improved mixing
  • Advantages increase with higher viscosity
  • None-invasive mixing requires no stirrer bar or impeller


  • 18 x 250ml flasks 
    •  - or - 14 x 500ml flasks 
    •  - or - 8 x 1000ml flasks 

Temperature control:

  • Ambient +5˚C to 60˚C 


  • 190 kg (480 lbs)

Humidity control:

  • Ambient to 90% RH

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