SPRm 200

Measuring binding activities on living cells

Manufacturer: Biosensing Instrument

Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscopy (SPRM) combines optical imaging with SPR technology for the first time, providing spatial mapping of the binding activity on living cells. Bright field illumination and image capture of cells grown on the SPR sensors surface and simultaneous SPR signal measurement enables an overlay of these datasets to show localised binding activity – providing SPRM.  

The SPRM detector records a sensorgram at each pixel of the sensing area, and maps the entire focal area. SPRM provides much more localized information and makes it possible to study heterogeneous surface binding and interactions of membrane bound proteins/receptors of single or multiple cells in their native state.


Protein-protein interactions

Drug-cell/virus interactions

Protein-DNA interactions

Nanoparticle interactions

Protein conformation changes

Biosensor development

cell membrane protein interactions

Nanomotion activity

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