3D Materials for Cell Culture

Manufacturer: Nanofiber Solutions

Nanofiber Solutions Inc. provides a broad range of products for the 3D cell culture. The usage of the electrospinning manufacturing technique allows the production of sophisticated and highly specialised products for this demanding field of application. The produces fibres are used for the manufacturing of pre-coated cultivation plates and for custom-made scaffolds.

The materials are suitable for all kind of adherent cells. They can be used for tissue engineering, cancer studies, drug screening or stem cell applications.

  • The fibres support the growth of cells by providing a more physiological environment which is closer to the in-vivo surrounding.
  • The higher surface area allows a higher yield per well.
  • Numerous publications describe the effect of a supported differentiation of stem cells.
  • For tissue engineering the nanofiber materials can replace decellularized scaffolds. The advantages are a better availability of scaffolds and a higher reproducibility. Additionally no animal-derived materials must be used.

Nanofiber Materials can be used similar to standard cell culture materials. Usually an adoption of the given protocols is not necessary.

The following PLC coated standard items are available:

  • multi well plates (6, 24, 96 and 384)
  • inserts for multi well plates (6, 12 and 24)
  • petri dishes (600 mm and 100 mm)
  • nano whiskers
  • 8 chambered slides

Additionally custom-made scaffolds are available on demand. Here one can chose from a wide range of materials (i.e. collagene, gelatine or other proteins).

All articles are shipped pre-sterilized and can be used out-of-the-box. The standard shelf life is 12 months.

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