Rapid Oxygen Controlled Chamber

Manufacturer: Baker Ruskinn

Ideal for Animal Research Models, the VelO2x system is designed to provide controlled and isolated environments. By mimicking the conditions experienced within a diseased state, VelO2x allows the Researcher to better understand the impact that O2 levels have in conditions such as sleep apnea and cardiac arrest. VelO2x comprises an ICONIC Gas Mixer (offering pinpoint control of O2) connected to an isolated chamber (sufficient for certain animals).

The VELO2x system provides the optimal tool for research requiring rapid O2 change such as: 

  • Apnea
  • Ocular Angiogenesis
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Ischemia
  • Recreational Hypoxia (Athletic conditioning)
  • Occupational Hypoxia

(altitude sickness, airline, observatory astronomers, mining)


  • 2 cage chamber accommodates 2 x Tecniplast 2150e
  • Accurate O2 control delivered via Baker Ruskinn’s ICONIC technology
  • O2 Control: 0.1% to 23.0%
  • Rapid change in O2 levels:
    - 20.9% to 6% in 50 seconds*
    - 6% to 20.9% in 40 seconds*
  • Uses compressed air/O2 and N2 gases

(* Example given for illustrative purposes)

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