Optimization of immune and stem cells

Manufacturer: XCell Biosciences

The human body exhibits diverse microenvironments that influence the behaviour and molecular profiles of cells. Tissues and organs function at a much lower oxygen level and various pressures than a standard incubator provide. Especially primary cells like immune cells/iPSCs/CTCs are difficult to handle in standard incubators: survival is minimal if any, expansion take a long time and often resulting in deviated phenotype expression.

The innovative AVATAR™ Cell Control System by Xcell Biosciences is the first commercially available cell culture system capable of reproducing in vivo microenvironments found within the human body, providing physiological pressures and oxygen states to the cell cultures and therefore reliable results.

The AVATAR™ optimizes growth, functionality and/or phenotype of interest.

Accurate and stabile control of pressure and oxygen levels 

Pressure levels: from 0 psi to 5 psi 

Oxygen levels: from 0.1 % to 20 %

Applications and examples

Culture your cells under more physiologically accurate conditions

Achievement of more realistic scientific results

Control your cell destiny

Reprograming / Maintenance of iPSCs 

Differentiation from iPSCs to neuronal precursor cells

Differentiation from iPSCs to cardiomyocytes

Promotion of target protein expression profiles 

Expand primary cells



Tumor cells 

T-cells and NK-cells 

2D and 3D organoids

Improve transfection efficiency 

Better regeneration of transfected cells

High viability

– You control your cells. Not the other way around. –

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