Serial Dilution System

Manufacturer: iNLABTEC AG

The Inlabtec Serial Dilution System is a revolution in performing of serial dilution for colony count, one of the most time consuming and exhausting work in microbiology routine labs.

The major benefits to standard methods:

  • Faster, easier and safer sample dilution
  • Reliable and intrinsically safe work process
  • Cost – efficient
  • Preserving resources
  • High build quality – Swiss Made

The innovative system to perform serial dilution:

Instead of going through the labour intensive process of preparing test tubes – users can benefit from the sterile, single use Serial Dilution Bags.

  • Automation and simplification reduce the normal workflow up to 60%
  • No cumbersome handling of caps or seals during pipetting
  • Intrinsically safe and comfortable pipetting avoids stress and mistakes
  • No need for operators to perform manual sample vortexing
  • Cost effective and time savings already at low sample throughput
  • Economic consumables ensure low costs and fast payback
  • Ultrapure Dilution Bags guarantee highest detection sensitivity
  • Closed sterile system – no contamination by samples or environment
  • Low maintenance and immediately ready for use
  • Use of any available diluent from bottle/container
  • Lower waste volume and reduced costs for decontamination and waste disposal
  • Now risk of injury or danger of infection by glass breakage

Two fixed volumes pipette Socorex Acura 810L 1 + 0.1 ml

For microbiology testing, manual, with two calibrated volumes, allows sequential pipetting of 1ml, 0.1 ml or 1.1ml with one sample aspiration of 1.1 ml, for standard 1 ml tips.

The Socorex Acura 810L is the perfect add-on to the Inlabtec Serial-Diluter System. In combination with the manual two fixed volume pipette Socorex Acura 810L 1 + 0.1 ml dilutions and the subsequent inoculations of Petri dishes are even faster because with one sample aspiration and only one sample tip two calibrated volumes of 1 ml and 0.1 ml can be dispensed.

The pipette is undissected fully autoclavable and can be delivered with SCS Certificate.

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