Speedy Breedy

Manufacturer: Bactest Limited

Rapid detection of microbial growth on pressure differences

Speedy Breedy is a portable, sensitive, precision respirometer which detects and monitors microbial activity. Detection of microbial activity is determined as a consequence of pressure transients relating to gaseous exchanges within a closed culture vessel of 50 ml working volume, as a result of microbial respiration. The detection limit of the technology is just one CFU per tested sample. The system applies an advanced mixing technology and controls temperature, providing optimal culture conditions for rapid growth of microbes. Gaseous changes in the culture medium are efficiently converted into pressure variances, allowing detection of metabolic processes within a short time frame (Detection times ?10 hrs).


  • Flexible use for rapid on-site analysis
  • 50 mL sample volume in “ready to use” or own culture media
  • Simple operation without a PC; Start-up with only 4 button presses
  • Pasteurisation within the device for safe sample disposal
  • Numerous fields of application in process and product control , hygiene monitoring and stability analysis
  • Suitable for solid and liquid samples including food products, oils, beverages, cosmetics, etc.
  • For aerobes , anaerobes , facultative anaerobic and microaerophilic bacteria and yeasts
OrganismCFU in 50 ml SampleSpeedy Breedy Time to Result
Coliforms1.30 X 1047 Hours, 45 Minutes
Clostridium perfringens5.60 X 1063 Hours, 46 Minutes
Enterococcus faecalis3.40 X 10311 Hours, 16 Minutes
Escherichia coli4.04 X 1046 Hours, 52 Minutes
Lactobacillus brevis1.75 X 10514 Hours, 30 Minutes
Listeria monocytogenes3.60 X 10610 Hours, 28 Minutes
Pseudomonas aeruginosa5.05 X 1039 Hours, 20 Minutes
Salmonella enterica1.36 X 1066 Hours, 13 Minutes
Staphylococcus aureus2.06 X 1077 Hours, 39 Minutes
Vibrio parahaemolyticus2.46 X 1055 Hours, 26 Minutes
Vibrio vulnificus1.84 X 1056 Hours, 56 Minutes
Candida albicans4.20 X 10610 Hours, 41 Minutes
Saccharomyces cerevisiae7.10 X 1067 Hours, 12 Minutes
Saccharomyces diastaticus2.20 X 1065 Hours, 50 Minutes
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