Dead-End Filtration System for laboratory scale

Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin

Patented technology includes on-board software and hardware system that automates, optimizes and documents Dead-End Filtration in laboratory scale. The FilterTec System is an exclusive software-driven fluid delivery system that automatically adjusts feed rate and backpressure and documents 15 filtration parameters during your DEF. Ideal for DEF benchtop applications, including Filterability Studies, Vmax determination, and Filter-Train studies. Increases DEF filter utilization up to 35%.

•    Real-Time Data Collection of 15 Filtration Parameters and Graphs
•    Serial or Parallel Filter Trains with 3 Pressure Sensor Hook-ups
•    Safe, Walk-away System Operation
•    Compatible with All Manufacturers’ Filters!

Pump Head/Motor Options:
1.    Tandem 1081 peristaltic pump head with 8 RPM motor. Flow range
       (depending on tubing size): 0.03 to 24 ml/min.
2.    Tandem 1081 peristaltic pump head with 160 RPM motor. Flow range
       (depending on tubing size): 0.5 to 554 ml/min.
3.    Tandem 1082 peristaltic pump head with 600 RPM motor. Flow range
       (depending on tubing size): 0.59 to 2,258 ml/min.
4.    Tandem 1081 peristaltic pump head with 600 RPM motor. Flow range
       (depending on tubing size): 2 to 1,500 ml/min.

Pressure Range:
•    Maximum pressure output at tandem peristaltic pump head is 45 psi. Has single point recalibration feature

Pressure Displayed:
•    Pressure displayed with a resolution of 0.1 psi; choice of bar, psi, kpa

Pressure Sensors:
•    Accommodates up to three disposable pressure sensors. The calibrated
      pressure range is 0-60 psi. Any point within this range can be re-calibrated
      using an external pressure reference source.

•    100 lines per motor revolution for 600 RPM motor
•    120 lines per motor revolution for 8 and 160 RPM motors

FilterTecTM Balance Options:
•    Balance with capacity of 2,000 grams x 0.01 g resolution included with
      FilterTec CP-8.
•    Balance with capacity of 8100 grams x 0.1 g resolution included with all
      other FilterTec models.

FilterTecTM Software:
•    Main menu with five operational modes including:
         o    R/P Stat Mode: Constant Rate/Constant Pressure Filtration with six
               user-definable alarms.

         o    P Stat Mode: Constant Pressure Filtration with six user-definable
         o    R/P Step-Scan Mode: Automated continuous changing of pump rate or 
               pressure with time.

Documentation Software for PC:
•    SciDoc interface software with custom macros for Excel for data compilation.
      Sent to you ready to use.
•    Complete process analysis with graphing of data.
•    Real-time verification and documentation of process parameters.

Use Range:
•    4 ° to 40 ° C, 100% Humidity.

I/O Ports:
1.    First serial port labeled “Balance”, Male DB9 connector for hook-up of
       electronic scale.
2.    Second Serial Port labeled "Printer", Female DB9; also used to interface to
       PC for data storage in an Excel file in your PC.
3.    External I/O port, Female DB37 connector; Used for remote On/Off control
       of FilterTec via footswitch.
4.    Pressure Sensor Box: Phone plugs for three pressure sensors.

Data Entry:
•    Membrane keyboard with auditory feedback.

•    5.75” x 8.5” x 11”

•    14 lbs (6.4 kg).

•    16 Ga, aluminium baked epoxy blue

•    115/220-240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 75 Watts; double fused: T1AL 250V (CE: IR35A
      250 VAC)

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