CXT 425

Frozen Sample Aliquotter

Manufacturer: Basque Engineering and Science

The CXT 425 enables sampling of frozen material without the need to thaw the sample. The platform can process liquids, feces and also tissue. The sample is always kept below -80°C. The swivelling coring head grants high flexibility and allows aliquotting directly into microtiter plates.

  • Frozen sample aliquotting
  • Maintains sample integrity
  • Compatible with numerous sample vessels
  • For liquids, feces, tissue
  • Allows use of microtiter plates
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  • CXT 425

    The CXT 425 extracts aliquots from frozen material by the use of hollow probes. Handling and workflow are identical with the CXT 353. The sample is constantly chilled during the process by liquid nitrogen. A variety of available adapters allow for compatibility with numerous sample vessels,

    The CXT 425 can process a diverse sample rage including serum, whole blood, plasma, urin, feces or tissue. The laser-targeting feature allows pinpoint access to the samples multiple times. Damaging freeze-thaw cycles are avoided, which leads to a highly increased reproducibility in subsequent analysis.

    The swivelling coring head of the CXT 425 provides an increased targeting range and thus enables an even larger flexibility in the choice of sample material. In addition, the frozen cores can directly be aliquotted into microtiter plates.

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