Concentrating Pipette Select

Rapid Micro-Particle Concentrator

Manufacturer: Innovaprep

The Concentrating Pipette is a rapid micro-particle concentrator for numerous applications in microbiology. The system replaces the older methods including centrifugation and enrichment as a front-end to microbial detection. The suspended particles in the sample liquid are first captured on single-use filter tips and then eluted by the patented “wet foam elution” process. Microorganisms are thus delivered to a microliter volume of clean, viability retaining buffer ready for analysis by modern or classical methods.

The new CP Select brings an even higher level of efficiency and customization for users. Its novel features comprise up to 15 customizable protocols, a streamlined maintenance protocol and whisper quiet operation. Added controls and precision components provide greater recovery of organisms.


  • Concentration of bacteria, molds, viruses and fungal spores
  • Volume reduction from up to 5L to 150-1000 µl
  • Process up to 100 ml / min
  • Improve detection levels of consecutive tests by several orders
  • Single-use tips with pore sizes from 0.45 µm to ultrafiltration hollow fiber filters
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