Bio X Bioprinter

3D Printing with Live Cells and "Bioink"

Manufacturer: Cellink AB

Cellink's 3D bioprinter enables the embedding of living cells directly into a 3D matrix - with high accuracy, reproducibility and ease of operation. 

The BIO X bioprinter is a complete stand-alone and user friendly bioprinter. Air filtration and UV sterilization offer working conditions similar to a laminar flow hood. The flexibility of the Bio X bioprinter allows simple adaptation to diverse bioprinting protocols and requirements. With its exchangeable print head system, the BIO X offers unparalleled flexibility when selecting materials for printing. The snap-on feature offers fast exchange for a variety of print heads including chilled print heads, heated print heads, HD cameras, and more.

A wide range of standardised (quality controlled) bioinks and further bioprinting consumables are available.


  • HEPA air filtration and UV sterilization
  • Triple exchangeable print heads (pneumatic extrusion, syringe pump, inkjet, high temperature extrusion)
  • Temperature-controlled printbed (4-60 °C)
  • UV-curing system with a 365 nm & 405 nm UV-LED (Exchangeable)
  • Minimum print resolution: 5 nanoliters
  • XYZ positioning resolution: 2 microns
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Sterile and ready-to-use bioinks for a variety of different applications
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