BioProfile® pHOx Gasanalyzer

Offline Gasanalyzer for cell medium samples

Manufacturer: nova® biomedical

The BioProfile® pHOx measures with high precision the partial pressure of oxygen and carbondioxide and the pH value from cell medium samples. Out of this it calculates the concentration of carbondioxid and hydrogencarbonate, die air (oxygen) and carbondioxid saturations. It serves fort h fast analysis of fermentation and cell culture samples for instance in the checkup of the gassing and inline probes. The measurement technology is adapted for samples of mammalian and insect cell suspensions, which were drawn gastight. 

•    parameter and ranges: 
•    pH (glass electrode): 5,00 – 8,00
•    pO2 (selective membrane, amperometric measurement): 0 – 800 mmHg
•    pCO2 (selective membrane, potentiometric measurement): 3 – 200 mmHg
•    calculated parameter: %O2 saturation, %CO2 saturation, conc. hydrogen 
      carbonate, total-CO2
•    sample volume: 300 microliter
•    temperature and air pressure corrected values
•    analysis time per sample: 45 seconds
•    automated calibration every 2,4 or 6 hours out of the reagent pack
•    automated measurement of quality controls

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