Omni Bead Mill

Manufacturer: OMNI International

Bead mills are typically used for the lysis of laboratory samples that are very difficult to disrupt with standard mechanical homogenizers. The combination of the rotational effect and the grinding beads produces a faster, more effective lysing / homogenization process for biological samples. 

Bead mill homogenizers also allow for closed vessel and multiple sample processing with no risk of cross-contamination. These homogenizers are very beneficial to laboratories that often process multiple small-volume samples. 

Bead Ruptor 4

The brand new Bead Ruptor 4 (BR-4) offers the compelling performance of Omni bead mill homogenizers at a compelling price. With its small footprint it is ideally suited for reproducible extractions of nucleic acid, drug, protein, enzyme and virus  from tissues, plants, food and micro-organisms.

The BR-4 can simultaneously process 4 x 0.5 mL, 4 x 1.5 mL, and 1 x 7 mL samples. The processing range varies from 25 ul up to 6 mL, and its performance range varies from 30 g. up to 150 g. in

increments of 1-5 m/s.  

The BR-4 works best with Omni pre-filled bead kits.

Bead Ruptor 12

The Bead Ruptor 12 is the most powerful and quickest economical bead mill homogenizer available today. It is an ideal solution for a variety of applications that require grinding, lysing,

and homogenization of biological samples prior to molecular extraction.

Using disposable sample tubes pre-filled with a variety of lysing beads, the Bead Ruptor 12 vigorously and uniformly shakes up to 12 tubes at a time providing an efficient, consistent homogenization and high-yield. Unlike most other bead mill homogenizers,

the Bead Ruptor 12 does not require a cool down period between runs. This means more samples can be processed in a smaller amount of time.

Benefits of the Bead Ruptor 12 Homogenizer

  • Simultaneously homogenize up to 12 x 2mL or 0.5mL tubes
  • Convenient front-loading tube holder position for ease of use and optimal bead/sample interactions
  • Processing range is ideal for soft tissue samples 
  • No cool-down required between runs = non-stop processing
  • Disposable tubes ensure no threat of cross-contamination
  • No sample degradation due to quick processing
  • Smaller footprint to maximize bench space

Bead Ruptor 24

The Bead Ruptor 24 is the most advanced and easy to use bead mill homogenizer available today. It is specifically designed for grinding, lysing, and homogenization of biological samples prior to molecular extraction.

Benefits of the Bead Ruptor Homogenizer include:

  • High power mechanical action, horizontal tube positioning, and optimized bead-beating technology deliver fast, efficient, and reliable homogenization and lysis in seconds.
  • Wide variety of sample processing, in volumes ranging from 25 micro-liters - 5mL. 
  • Broadest performance range (0.8m/s - 8m/s) and highest disruptive energy of comparable bead mill products. 
  • Advanced carriage motion optimizes bead movement inside the sample tubes to minimize swirling. This increases processing efficiency and reduces sample heating. 
  • Powerful brushless motor does not require a cool down period between processing cycles to process more samples in a shorter period of time.

 The convenient front-loading design maximizes laboratory bench space, and the removable tube carriage allows for sample pre-cooling and more efficient sample loading. The Bead Ruptor stores up to 99 programs for standardized and reproducible results, and has an advanced sample temperature monitoring system and a multilingual user interface.

Even the toughest and most difficult samples such as pine needles, seeds, spores, fungal mats, bone, and skin are easily and

effectively lysed using the Bead Ruptor Homogenizer. By adjusting the run times and rotation speeds, precise optimization of individual sample type is achieved to save hours of work and sample manipulation.

All Soft tissues (bacteria, liver, brain, skin, etc.); Hard/Tough tissues (bones, corn, hair, seeds, soil, etc.) and micro-organisms (gram+, gram-, yeast, etc.) can be homogenized with one of 8 adapted bead mixes. 

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