Whitley M35 Workstation

Manufacturer: Don Whitley Scientific Ltd

Main features

The Whitley M35  is a microaerobic workstation ideal for the study and isolation of Campylobacter spp, Helicobacter pylori and other similarly fastidious organisms. This is a 4-gas system with built-in gas sensing technology that allows you to programme precise gas concentrations and is perfect for manipulating samples in a sustainable microaerobic environment.


  • A rapid, 12 litre airlock that can transfer 40 plates in only 60 seconds.
  • For total flexibility, up to four gases – nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air and a 10% hydrogen/90% nitrogen mix – can be combined within safe and varying ratios to provide a specific atmosphere for your experiments.
  • This unit can accommodate up to 600 x 90mm Petri dishes.
  • Intuitive colour touchscreen interface with PIN-code protected user access levels.
  • Ethernet-enabled for remote access to touchscreen.
  • Data download facility that allows you to record workstation parameters and download stored data in seconds for traceability and reference.
  • A range of optional accessories, such as removable front and automatic humidification, are available to tailor this workstation to your particular requirements.
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