COMPACT Yeast monitor

Manufacturer: Aber Instruments Ltd.

ABER Instruments has now introduced the next generation of single channel ‘COMPACT’ Yeast Monitors designed for breweries that require a low cost, compact, easy to use instrument for pitching and cropping applications.

The ABER Yeast Monitors are recognised today as the most accurate and reliable instruments for measuring the LIVE cell concentration on-line and this technology enables brewing groups such as AB InBev, SAB Miller, Heineken, Suntory and Diageo to have more consistent fermentation processes. Some breweries have also benefited from improvements in the quality of the pitching yeast or from reducing fermentation times.

The new "Compact" Yeast Monitor can communicate directly to a dedicated display transmitter with a colour touchscreen for calibration and set-up and the yeast concentration and conductivity are provided as 4-20mA outputs.

The “Compact” series can now handle up to 20 different yeast strains and it has a simpler
procedure for calibration compared to previous models.

The “Compact” Yeast Monitors are designed to be used in real time with live yeast concentrations up to 70% viable spun solids. The system is virtually maintenance free and
has a replaceable probe with “flush” platinum electrodes that can be routinely cleaned in
place (CIP) or steam sterilized.

Brewers can choose from two unique options with the COMPACT range:

The Compact 410P is designed to be fitted on standard instrument housings such as the Tuchenhagen Varivent. This robust instrument is completely contained within an IP65 stainless steel housing. The Model 410P can still be used on fermenters/propagators if installed within a recirculation loop.

Ideal for any size brewery with a requirement for in-line yeast measurement in real time.

The Compact “Adapt” can either be mounted on to a Varivent instrument housing or the probe can be inserted into a range of ports commonly used on Fermenters or Propagators. Although not as robust as the Model 410P the housing is still rated at IP65 and will accommodate a variety of 12mm and 25mm diameter probe types.

Ideal solution for small breweries, fermenters in development laboratories as well as larger brewing vessels.

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