Manufacturer: Schmidt + Haensch

Key features

The Schmidt+Haensch dosage system automates the routine preparation of solutions, making this work that otherwise affords high skills, great care and long time significantly easier, faster and avoiding errors. 

  • Automation of dosage and dilution in laboratories
  • Precise and fast preparation of solutions
  • Dosage and solutions with 3 different liquids
  • Gravimetric (in g) or volumetric (in ml) dosage possible
  • Max. 70 different dosage or dilution programs can be set and stored

Standard Components

  • Controller case with integrated display and foil keyboard
  • Solenoid valves in a housing
  • Dosage stand with base plate and vertically adjustable balance support plate
  • Software for the definition, storage and execution of the dosage and dilution tasks for specific samples
  • 24 V power supply unit with net connection cable

Components for specific applications

  • Solenoid hose compression valves and nozzles for gross, middle and fine dosage of liquids
  • Glass or plastic supply containers in different sizes
  • High quality digital balance with serial interface, resolution 0.1 g or 0.01 g resolution, weighing range 610 g, 1500 g or 2200 g
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