SegFlow 1200Plus®

Automated sampling from 2 vessels

Manufacturer: Flownamics Analytical Instruments Inc.

The automated sampling system SegFlow 1200Plus® can take for weeks sterile samples from 2 vessels or bioreactors, fill them and send these to anlytic devices. Due to the completly disposable tubing and the segmented sampling it is possible to avert cross contaminations. The optional OPC-Server connects the SegFlow 1200Plus® with your SCADA-software.

  • Automated sampling 24/7
  • Mammalian and microbial processes
  • OPC server data transmission
  • Reproducible conditions
  • Flexible technical configuration
  • Web control
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  • SegFlow 1200Plus®

    The automatic sampling system SegFlow 1200Plus® takes samples from 2 bioreactors or vessels and supply the sample to analyzers and/or the cooled sample collector  FlowFraction®.


    The following interface connection are available:

    • FLEX II® biochemical Multianalyzer
    • Cell-counter and it's precursor models (Nova Biomedical)
    • The big biochemical Bioprocess-Analyzer CEDEX®Bio-HT (Roche)
    • Kaiser-RamanRxn2® Multi-Channel-Analyzer
    • CEDEX® HiRes (Roche)
    • ViCell® (Beckman-Coulter) Cell-Counters and HPLC


    The samples can be cell containing (mamalian-, insectcells, microbia and other organisms) or cell free (FISP®). Also the sample can be deluted with any reagents via the optional Sample Mod 300 (1:2, 1:5, 1:10, 1:25, 1:100), before it gets delivered to the analyzer and/or the collector system. The flowpath is fully made out of disposal material and can be easily exchanged after every process. The vessel connction is via a sterile tubing set. The optional OPC-server sends the measuerd data directly to a SCADA-software.

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