Separation Probes

Manufacturer: Flownamics Analytical Instruments Inc.

The FISP® probes allow the drawing of cell free samples out of bioreactors and vessels. They are offered for head plate connections 19 and 14 mm as well as Ingold side ports 19 and 25 mm. They can be autoclaved or pre-installed in-situ sterilized. The reusable, micro-porous membranes made of ceramic (pore size: 0,2 µm and others) hold back cells reliable.

  • Cell-free samples
  • Mammalian and microbial processes
  • Reproducible conditions
  • Representative vessel samples
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  • FISP®

    The FISP probe provides sterile, cell-free sampling for On-Line or Off-Line Analysis. They are compatibel to autoclave, SIP and CIP.

    The 0.2 micron filter of the ceramic membrane is a sterile barrier and gives a risk free sampling for all kind of cell cultivations or fermentations with aerobic or anaerobic bacteria, yeast, fungi, algae, insect, and mammalian cell cultures. Alternatively ceramic filter with bigger pore sizes are available.

    The minimal dead volume contributes to consistent and accurate sampling with reduces flush-time. The FISP probe withstands the temperatures, pressures, viscosities, shear forces and chemicals typical of fermentation environments. it is easy to use and to maintain and fits from small laboratory to large full-scale production vessels.

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