Live Cell Imaging in the Incubator

Manufacturer: Etaluma Inc

The lumanette is your incubator imager with an array of 24 individual cameras for automated remote monitoring of cell cultures. The compact footprint device offers space-saving and uncomplicated use. Data capture, display and analysis is performed 24/7 in real time. Perfect for routine measurements such as confluence, proliferation, doubling rate, wound healing, and migration.

  • 24 miniature microscopes
  • Compact & easy-to-handle
  • Compatible with many standard culture vessels
  • 24/7 real-time data capture
  • Menu of common image analysis applications
  • Long term remote monitoring under the environmental stability of a cell culture incubator
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  • lumanette

    Live Cell Imaging in the Incubator. Simple. Compact. Automated. Up to 24 wells.

    lumanette uses 24 independent cameras and 24 overhead LEDs to acquire brightfield images quickly. 24 and 6-well microplates as well as flasks and dishes can be used. The software performs analysis in parallel with acquisition 24/7 in real time; automatically updating cell growth and migration at each time point. Image series can be viewed and downloaded. Cell culture status can be comfortably checked from your PC – anywhere and anytime without entering the lab. The space-saving and easy-to-handle device is compact and can be easily placed in standard cell culture incubators for the most robust time lapse environment. The lumanette is perfect for routine measurements such as confluence, proliferation, doubling rate, wound healing, and migration. Save hands-on time and learn more with time lapse video of your cell culture. It’s low-maintenance, easy to clean and disinfect, without moving parts or exposed metal. Just plug in the single USB cable, start the software and get imaging. lumanette creates consistent, reproducible and reliable results.

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