HUB 440

High pressure generator

Manufacturer: Pressure BioSciences Inc.

The HUB 440 is a high pressure generator for research und analytics. It allows a user programed, cyclic impact of very high pressure onto a fluid sample. The pressure built-up occurs with a patented, mechanic technique and is transferred as hydrostatic pressure to the sample. For a precise tempering is a chiller connection provided.

 Pressure range HUB440: 35 – 4000 bar (0,5 – 58 KPSI)

•    Fast change of pressure, programmed pressure profile: sinus, triangle,
      rectangle, sawtooth
•    Max. pressure built-up in less than2 seconds
•    Sample volume range: 1-10 ml
•    Software for data acquisition and analysis (LabViewTM program)
•    Data logging for pressure and temperature: up to 12 channels
•    Manual and analog external signal control
•    Equal energy distribution all over the whole sample
•    Biologic research: cell lysis, spores germination studies, deep sea research,
      pathogen inactivation, microbiologic high pressure inactivation of food
•    Biochemical research: enzymatic activity, protein aggregation, protein
      conformation studies
•    Chemical research: EPR/NMR spectroscopy, UPLC ( Ultra Performance Liquid
      Chromatography), reaction kinetics, chemical synthesis under high pressure
•    Physical research: compression experiments, material research,
      thermodynamic investigations


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