HTI X-TubeProcessor_Smart


Dispensing, screwing & labelling of tubes

Manufacturer: HTI Automation GmbH

The X-TubeProcessor®_Smart opens, dispenses, screws and labels micro screw tubes for users looking for simple automation of tube processing.

  • Screwing and uncapping of micro screw tubes
  • Dispensing of liquids
  • Labelling of tubes
  • Sorting & storage
  • Barcode identification
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  • X-TubeProcessor®_Smart

    Start the smart automation of your tube processing with the X-TubeProcessor®_Smart. The Smart combines the filling, screwing and labelling of micro-screw tubes. With the small and flexible table-top unit, you can carry out the various processes individually or in any combination. The Smart automates the opening and closing of tubes. The devices are specially designed for 0.5 ... 2.0 ml Sarstedt tubes. An optional dispenser module based on a peristaltic pump enables precise, sequential filling of the tubes with reagents. Expand the X-TubeProcessor®_Smart with a labelling module for precise application of your labels. Automated processing takes place in up to 6 SBS racks with 48 tubes each without further user intervention. Reliable traceability in the work process is possible at all times with our products. It is planned that in future barcodes on racks and tubes can be read and processed according to the stored requirements.

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