BioArray Matrix Drive unit (BAM)
BioArray Matrix Drive unit (BAM)
BioArray Matrix Drive unit (BAM)

BioArray Matrix Drive unit (BAM)

From proliferative (2D) to functional (3D) stage

Manufacturer: CelVivo ApS

BAM enables the cultivation of spheroids in a 3D cell culture environment. The control panel of the drive unit fits into a standard CO₂ incubator and has 16 independently controllable drive axles which can rotate at speeds of 1 to 60 rpm in both directions. The BAM can be operated user-friendly via tablet.

  • Bioreactor with extremely low shear force
  • 3D model for drug screening
  • Conduct cell studies in 16 independent bioreactors for up to 300 days
  • High yield of spheroids, 4,800 spheroids with 82,000 cells each
  • Constant uniformity of spheroid size
  • Simple operation makes it possible to quickly become an expert
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  • BioArray Matrix Drive unit (BAM)

    The BioArray Matrix Drive unit allows you to incubate and grow uniform spheroids under perfect conditions for time periods of up to one year. The risk of infection is highly reduced due to the fact that the bioreactor vessels are equipped with a humidification labyrinth allowing the use in a non-humidified incubator. The system provides you with high capacitiy and flexibility as spheroids can be grown in 16 independent bioreactor vessels in parallel. The rotation speed of each vessel can be precisely controlled via its own microcomputer. The user friendly software allows for data loging and is controlled via tablet. As the cultivation in 3D mimics the human physiology more closely than 2D cell culture, spheroids have find application in diverse fields e.g.  regenerative medicine, diabetes, cancer or interaction studies. Moreover, the ability to take multiple samples makes spheroids attractive for drug testing, recovery studies and combination therapies.

    Technical data

    Driver [cm]: 49 x 44 x 21
    Driver [kg]: 14
    Controller [cm]: 23 x 30 x 69
    Controller [kg]: 10
    Umbilical: 4 m x 24 mm diam.
    Independent control drive axels: 16
    Further requirements: 26 mm diam. Access port; Power: 110-230 V, 50-60 Hz, 5 amps

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