Axolotl Biosystems AXO A6 3D Bioprinter
Axolotl Biosystems AXO A6 3D Bioprinter
Axolotl Biosystems AXO A6 3D Bioprinter
Axolotl Biosystems AXO A6 3D Bioprinter
Axolotl Biosystems AXO A6 3D Bioprinter


3D Bioprinter

Manufacturer: Axolotl Biosystems

AXO A6 is a versatile multitasking 3D biofabrication station. With its six independent printhead slots, A6 can perform multiphased bioprinting.

  • Versatile, open 3D Bioprinting platform with optional Melt Electrowriting (MEW) and Electrospinning feature
  • 3D bioprints with up 6 different materials per scaffold
  • Smart printheads, easy attachement, exchangeable, independant temperature control
  • Precise calibration system embedded in printbed
  • Wide pressure (0 to 880 kPA) and temperature range (-10°C to 265°C); HEPA and UV sterilization system
  • Filter between syringe and airways to prevent contamination of biomaterials in syringe
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  • AXO A6

    Advances in the field of Tissue Engineering has resulted in the development of novel technologies for biofabrication of complex tissues and organs for research and preclinical applications. Axolotl Biosystems have developed a unique next generation 3D bioprinter, the AXO A6.  

    AXO A6 is equipped with six independent printhead slots. This unique feature allows A6 perform multiphased bioprinting. Axolotl Biosystems have further developed a unique melt electrowriting (MEW) technology. The combination of A6 platform and MEW capability provides researchers an enhanced possibilities to fabricate complex tissues / organs within in-vitro / ex-vivo milieu for numerous applications for numerous applications within R&D and preclinical studies.  


    Tissue Engineering
       - Skin, Bone and Cartilage Production
       - Blood vessels: For bioprinting vascular networks for tissue fabrication
       - Hepatic tissue Production
       - Cardiac tissue Production

    Drug Discovery/screening:
       - Production of reliable and predictive 3D models for drug screening and efficacy measurement
       - Production/recapitulation of tumor microenvironment to help understand biological aspects and cancer metastasis
       - 3D ex-vivo angiogenesis studies
       - Improve ability to better predict the efficacy and toxicity of new drug entities

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