Etaluma Lumascope fluorescence microscope
Etaluma Lumascope fluorescence microscope
Etaluma Lumascope fluorescence microscope
Etaluma Lumascope fluorescence microscope


Live-cell fluorescence microscopy in the incubator

Manufacturer: Etaluma Inc

The Lumascope™ compact-microscopes make it possible to examine cells directly in their "familiar environment". The space-saving design allows to perform live-cell microsocopy inside an incubator or workbench.

  • 3x fluorescence and phase contrast microscopy directly in cell culture incubators or workbenches
  • Use of standard cell culture materials
  • Long-life, modern LED light sources
  • Optimised beam for high signal yield
  • Various standard objectives can be used (2.5x - 100x)
  • Motorized stage (optional)
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  • Lumascope™

    Lumascopes are small inverted microscopes that can be operated directly in a standard cell culture incubator. Long-term multi-channel recordings of cells (phase contrast, blue, green and red fluorescence) can thus be carried out without using an additional microscope environmental chamber. The Lumascope is available in different versions - from manual to completely motorized models.

    Installation and operation are very simple and can easily be carried out by users without microscopy experience. In addition, the compact design helps to implement multidimensional fluorescence microscopy even in labs where only very limited space is available.

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