Modelle TS 0.75, 1.1, 2.2, 4.0

High pressure cell disruption for Research and Development

Manufacturer: Constant Systems Ltd.

The TS models homogenizes cell suspensions continuously with the principle of high pressure relief (known as French-Press-principle). In a free selectable pressure range up to 2700 bar (40 KPSI) all kind of cell suspensions are processed and efficiently disrupted: bacteria, yeast, algae, mammalian and insect cells, fungus etc.. Even at the highest pressure proteins are not denatured, that’s why this technology is very beneficial and mostly used for protein isolation. This model is designed for applications in research, development and analytics.

The TS 0.75 KW Model is the smallest bench-top model available, which processes the sample with a velocity of  40 ml/min.

The TS 1.1 KW Modell a bench-Top model, which is comparable to the TS 0.75. But it processes with about twice speed of 100 ml/min. It has additional an option for inlet automation and a thermocouple to measure the sample temperature at the outlet.

The TS 2.2 and 4.0 models are stand units with even higher process velocities up to 400 ml/min (24 L/h).

Viscous samples need the alternative HAIVA model option, which can be built in all four compression versions. These systems have disruption head with an enlarged inlet area for clumpy or high viscous samples, e.g. filamentous fungus or plant cell cultures.

  • Free selectable pressure range up to 2700 bar (40 KPSI)
  • Continuous sample processing at the push of a button
  • Controlled pressure increase and preservation
  • No air pressure installation necessary, just an electrical connection
  • Efficient cooling of the  processed sample with an optional chiller
  • Automatic Stop after 3 shots of air
  • Touch-screen Display and operation
  • Robust technology with limited maintenance needs
  • Optional inlet and outlet accessory: safety outlet connections for glass bottles with Schott thread or 90° bent outlet
  • Optional parts, e.g. alternative disruption heads, inlet and outlet connections
  • Optional One-shot-head: herewith one can similar like the One-shot model process smaller sample volumes or tissue without a big loss

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